Kanpeki is an unfunded community project.
There is no startup. There is no company. There is no VC. There was also no token sale of any sort — seed, pre, private, public, and certainly not fertilizer. There is no guarantee of success nor is there any obligation to do more than provide a contract that any individual can interact with onchain.

What's the history?

Kanpeki is multi-year old project going back to 2017.
First there was Elixir (ELIX), the initial attempt at creating an incentivized borrowing and lending platform in 2017. But with ICOs being all the rage back then and Elixir an unfunded project itself, it was simply (and unfortunately) too early for its own good. Nevertheless, the promise of incentivized borrowing was too much to ignore so a few members from the original Elixir project got together and pseudo-forked it — "pseudo" being there was no code to fork so everything was written from scratch — into Yield (YLD).
Yield (often referred to as "Yield Credit") was the MVP version of Kanpeki launched on the Ethereum network in early 2021. As an mvp, the intent was to test the original idea of Elixir in practice with a simplified version. To that end, it facilitated over $1M in loans and generated over $50K in interest within a few months, far more than any other lending platform in the same period. But a major problem with Yield, and a reason it wasn't as successful as it could've been, was increasingly absurd gas fees on the Ethereum network. Enter Kanpeki (KAE).
Kanpeki integrates lessons learned with Yield. Launching on the Fantom network rather than Ethereum, it deals with the biggest issue of gas fees negatively interacting with the incentive model. The rebrand also allowed it to get away from being mistaken for many other "Yield"-s that had launched after. And who doesn't like a new color scheme? It's kanpeki.

Who is behind Kanpeki?

You can be.
Some people handle the contracts, others group management, others awareness and marketing, etc. Naturally, there's a fair amount of overlap. Which role are you interested in playing? Join us @kanpeki.

What is "that wallet"?

Kanpeki is an (intentionally) unfunded project.
The funds used to manage the project (going back to Yield in 2020) exist as KAE tokens and represent the largest wallet in the system. This is generally excluded from the circulating supply at the discretion of crypto trackers.

Where is the roadmap?

Whatever interesting feature that can be developed will likely be developed by some party. Others can also build on top of the existing contracts to extend it.
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