Kanpeki's primary offering is fixed interest rates. Depositors (lenders) deposit their tokens in order to earn fixed, non-annualized interest. In Kanpeki, deposits are "individualized" meaning that regardless of how much some other user deposits or the interest rate they chose, it doesn't affect any other depositor's interest rate.

How much can I deposit?

The minimum deposit amount is $1,000 worth of a token. While there is no max deposit, only users staking KAE can deposit more than $100,000 worth of any token into a vault.

What are the fixed rates?

Interest rates range from 2% to 10%. However, only users staking KAE can select rates greater than 3%.

Are there any deposit locks?

If you're staking KAE, deposits are locked for 21 days. If you're not staking KAE, your deposit is locked up for 30 days. When the lock elapses, your deposit becomes withdrawable.
You can only withdraw if there's enough liquidity in the vault you deposited

Can I deposit multiple times?

Deposits are cumulative. If the interest rate of your new deposit is different from the last one, a new weighted average is calculated and applied to the entire deposit.

How much interest do I earn?

The interest you can earn from a deposit is capped at whatever you selected when depositing.
While other platforms are "share"-based and this share changes as users interact with the pool, rates in Kanpeki are fixed exactly. Regardless of the total interest paid by borrowers, you will only ever be able to claim as much as the interest you chose.

When can I claim my interest?

Generally, interest can only be claimed when the lockup on your deposit has elapsed as interest is claimed automatically during a withdrawal.
However, users staking KAE can redeposit their interest before this provided at least 33% of their due interest is available.
Only interest that is available i.e. repaid by borrowers can be claimed
Withdrawing a deposit before there's any interest claimable means forfeiting it

Can I withdraw a part of my deposit?

Especially in cases where there's low liquidity, you can withdraw a part of your total deposit rather than the full amount. As with full withdrawals, the proportional interest due and claimable for the amount withdrawn is sent to your wallet in the same transaction.
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