Kanpeki's primary offering is fixed interest rates. Depositors (lenders) deposit their tokens in order to earn fixed, non- apr/apy interest. In Kanpeki, deposits are "individualized" meaning that regardless of how much some other user deposits or the interest rate they chose, it doesn't affect any other depositor's interest rate.

How much can I deposit?

The minimum deposit amount is $1,000 worth of a token. There is no max deposit, however, only depositors staking KAE can deposit more than $100,000 worth of a token into a vault.

What fixed rates can I choose?

Interest rates range from 2% to 10%. However, like deposit amounts, only depositors staking KAE can choose rates higher than 3%.

Any lockups?

For depositors staking KAE, deposits are locked for 21 days. For non-stakers, deposits are locked for 30 days. When the lock elapses, the deposit is withdrawable.

Can I deposit more than once, and with a different interest rate?

Deposits are cumulative. If the interest rate of your new deposit is different from the last one, a new weighted average is calculated and applied.
Even with subsequent deposits, you have to be staking KAE to be able to choose an interest rate greater than 3%

How much interest do I earn?

The interest you can earn from a vault on your deposit is the exact interest rate on the amount you deposited. You cannot earn more than this amount regardless of how much interest is available to be claimed. To increase this, you can increase your interest rate but note that only depositors staking KAE can increase their interest rates above 3%.
Where other platforms, being "share" based, encourage large, singular deposits from individual depositors, Kanpeki encourages many, small-to-medium deposits from individual depositors.
Some vaults (typically those of stablecoins) are more active than others, meaning it will take less time to earn interest depositing in those than vaults of more obscure/less borrowed tokens. This is especially favorable to smaller deposits with higher interest rates than larger deposits with lower interest rates

When can I claim/withdraw interest?

Interest can only be claimed when the lockup on the deposit has elapsed.
Once the lockup has elapsed, you can withdraw your deposit, and the interest that you've earned so far. However, even before the lockup elapses, depositors staking KAE can redeposit their interest once at least 33% of their total interest due has been earned.
Withdrawing without any interest claimable will result in zero interest earned

How do I redeposit interest?

One-click interest redeposit is only available to depositors staking KAE.
When staking KAE, you can redeposit the claimable interest without having to withdraw. This option becomes available once at least 33% of your interest due is available, and after a 7-day cooldown period. This cooldown period starts again after each subsequent deposit or redeposit.
Redepositing claims and redeposits, in one transaction, all the interest available to you at that moment in time. If this is equal to the interest you were due, it allows you to start earning interest again.

What happens if there's not enough interest?

You will only be able to claim the available interest.

Can I withdraw my deposit if there's no liquidity?

You can only withdraw if there's enough liquidity in the vault.
Your ability to withdraw isn't affected by the interest available though, as stated earlier, you can only claim the interest that exists.

Can I withdraw a part of my deposit?

Especially in cases where there's low liquidity, you can withdraw a part of your total deposit rather than the full amount provided there's enough liquidity for that amount.
Just like with full withdrawals, the proportional interest claimable for the amount that is withdrawn is sent to your wallet in the same transaction.