Kanpeki is not a company or startup.
There is no entity behind it earning fees in the system. Fees exist to keep the economic model sound with incentivization in the mix.

Where do the fees go?

100% of the fees are used to periodically buy-back KAE from the market and burn it, as well as provide liquidity in relevant markets to reduce any reliance of liquidity incentivization.
Conditionally, some may be used to pay for security bounties and similar.

What is the borrow fee?

There is a 1% initiation fee on the borrowed amount. There's a 25% discount if you're staking KAE.
Extended debts pay the discounted rate, 0.75%, on the borrowed amount

What is the deposit fee?

There is a 10% fee on the interest to be earned when depositing. There's a 25% discount if you're staking KAE.
Interest redeposits pay the discounted rate, 7.5%, on the interest to be redeposited

What are the deposit withdrawal fees?

There are no withdrawal fees.
However, withdrawing without any claimable interest will yield nothing.