There is no such thing as "risk-free", especially not in crypto. Kanpeki is no different.
While a version of the contracts that comprise Kanpeki have been audited by Omniscia, this does not, however, imply an exploit is impossible. This is underlying reason for the common refrain: never spend more than you can afford to lose. It is, unfortunately, common to take this for granted and charge head-first into danger.


Yes. This simply means that no one, even if they wanted to, can change the set of contracts that comprise Kanpeki. There is no developer, team, company, startup, "DAO", etc. None.
The contracts are fixed and unchanging. This is a design choice that many may disagree with but ensures certain properties that are often taken for granted nowadays are retained.
The answer to any "but what if...?" thoughts that may come up is exactly what it looks like: no, it cannot be fixed, added, changed, or removed. Ensure you understand the implications before you use the platform because, make no mistake, there will be no buffer for you as Kanpeki is an immutable, unchangeable, and unmanaged platform.