KAE is the "incentivized" in "Kanpeki is an incentivized fixed-rate borrowing, and lending platform".
Whenever a borrower repays their debt, they are eligible to mint a certain amount of KAE proportional to their debt and interest rate on it, with higher interest rates granting a higher amount of KAE.
It also grants a variety of utilities to stakers, as has been mentioned in prior pages.
Staking steps for borrowers
Staking steps for depositors


for borrowers:

  • a 25% discount on the borrowing fee
  • the ability to execute buy-back & burns
  • a higher reward rate for debts with higher durations
  • an increase in the reward cap from 7,500 to 10,000 KAE
  • debt extensions of 15 days, even for overdue debts (provided they haven't been liquidated)
  • a 3.5% lower liquidation ratio for active debts (provided the collateral used isn't a stablecoin)

for depositors:

  • a 25% discount on the deposit fee
  • the ability to choose interest rates greater than 3%
  • the ability to deposit more than $100,000 worth of a token
  • a shorter deposit, reducing it from 30 days to 21 days
  • the ability to redeposit claimable interest without having to withdraw (provided at least 33% of the due interest is available)

How much do I need to stake?

The stake amount is a (global) dynamic figure, not a fixed one. This figure changes whenever the KAOracle is updated by users. It also changes on a user level as the platform is used.

for borrowers:

The required stake amount increases with every new borrow, and reduces with repayments.
Generally, this required KAE stake is equal to 1% of the $ value of the borrowed amount. This is cumulative with every additional, active debt.

for depositors:

The required stake amount increases with every new (re)deposit, and reduces with every withdrawal.
  • the interest rate on the (total) deposit is <3%
  • a user seeks to deposit more than $100,000 worth of any token
the required KAE stake is equal to 1% of the $ value of the deposit amount. This also applies in the case where an interest redeposit would bring a user's total deposit value above $100,000.
Relatedly, for a user to choose interest rates higher than 3%, the KAE stake must be be greater than or equal to (desired_interest_rate - 2)% * deposit_in_USD.
The first stake is higher due to a base amount added that's added to the required stake

Do I stake for separately for depositing/borrowing?

As the value involved when depositing is separate from that when borrowing, different stakes are required.

Are there any lockups?

Stakes are locked, at a minimum, for 90 days. The lockup increases with every borrow or deposit. When the lockup elapses, the stake can be withdrawn.
If you have any active deposit, your deposit stake cannot be withdrawn
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